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Auto-enrolment - service planning

This helpsheet outlines the processes that auto-enrolment will require all employers to follow, and sets out a planning process that might be followed by a practice when providing related support services to its clients.

Issued: September 2014
Last reviewed: August 2017 

The workplace pension automatic enrolment regime, ‘auto enrolment’, includes provisions that are both complex and detailed, and employers will need to start preparing for their staging date well in advance. The staging date is the date on which the employer is required to comply with the provisions of the Pensions Act relating to auto-enrolment. [See section 3.1 below for more information on staging dates.] Although the time required to prepare will differ between different businesses, a period of 12 months does not seem unreasonable, and the Pension Regulator (tPR) is writing to employers on that basis.