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Financial reporting

View a range of practical resources on UK GAAP, IFRS and UK regulation of financial reporting, and find out more about the ICAEW Financial Reporting Faculty.

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FRS 100

FRS 100 Application of Financial Reporting Requirements sets out the financial reporting regime for the UK and Republic of Ireland.

FRS 101

FRS 101 Reduced Disclosure Framework sets out disclosure exemptions available to UK qualifying subsidiaries and parent companies that otherwise apply EU-adopted IFRS.

FRS 102

FRS 102 The Financial Reporting Standard is the principal accounting standard in the UK financial reporting regime. It sets out the requirements for entities that are not applying EU-adopted IFRS, FRS 101 or FRS 105.

FRS 103

FRS 103 Insurance Contracts consolidates the financial reporting requirements and guidance for insurance contracts.

FRS 104

FRS 104 Interim Financial Reporting provides guidance on the preparation of interim financial reports. It is based on IAS 34.

FRS 105

FRS 105 is the UK accounting standard for entities eligible for, and who choose to apply, the micro-entities regime.

UK GAAP for small and micro-entities

Preparing and filing UK small entity accounts

This factsheet considers simplifications available to small entities and the criteria to be met. Published 28 February 2019.

Micro entities filing options FAQs

This page answers frequently asked questions about the filing options for micro-entities. Published December 2017.

Small company filing options FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the filing options available to small companies and any additional statements to be filed at Companies House.

Small LLPs filing options FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the filing options available to small LLPs and any additional statements to filed at Companies House.

UK GAAP for specific sectors



Full access to the IASB's eIFRS resource available to Financial Reporting Faculty members.


A synopsis of each IFRS, identifying recent amendments and which version of the standard applies to a particular period.

Effective dates for IFRS

Mandatory dates identify which new IFRSs, IFRICs and amendments come into force for different time periods, linked to the ICAEW Financial Reporting Faculty’s standards tracker.

IFRS adoption around the world

Find out which countries require or permit companies to apply IFRS and which standards have been endorsed by the EU.

IFRS reporting: lessons learned

Lessons learned from the EU's experience of using IFRS to provide insights and recommendations for jurisdictions considering using or extending the application of IFRS.

UK regulation of financial reporting

UK Regulation for Company Accounts

This factsheet provides an overview of the financial reporting requirements affecting UK companies based on the Companies Act and related regulations.

Distributable Profits

This factsheet provides practical guidance for UK directors on the determination of distributable profits and the risks of unlawful distributions.

Improving corporate reporting

Information for Better Markets

Find out about the ICAEW Financial Reporting Faculty’s thought leadership programme, ‘Information for Better Markets’, and access the latest reports and webcasts.

Growth, development and accounting

This report explores the role of accounting in promoting economic growth. It considers how this role has evolved and what lessons there are for the future.