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Business resources

For ICAEW's members in business, this area brings together the most up-to-date thought leadership, technical resources and professional guidance to help you in your professional life.

Risk management

Risk management, internal audit, fraud, credit management and more.


Risk management

Articles, webcasts and other resources on risk management.


Articles, webcasts and other resources on fraud.

ICAEW Business Committee

The ICAEW Business Committee (IBC) is responsible for representing business members.

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Legal, regulatory, tax and governance

UK GAAP, IFRS, SOX, SBEE Act, financial services regulation, capital markets and more.



UK GAAP is the body of accounting standards and other guidance by the UK ASB.


A selection of International Financial Reporting Standards books, articles and guides.


Access articles, webcasts and other resources on US GAAP and SOX.

Capital markets

Access articles, webcasts and other resources on Capital markets.

The board and committees

Access articles, webcasts and other resources on the board and committees.

Directors' duties

A short overview of the key general duties of directors.


Maximise your contribution to the board using ICAEW's articles, guidance and other resources.

Investor relations

Access articles, webcasts and other resources on investor relations.

Corporate legislation

Articles on the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 and Companies Act 2006.


An extensive collection of material on taxation, past and present.

Business environment

The economy, country guides, sector guides, growth and export.


Growth and export

Articles, links and guides to help you identify techniques and tools for your business.

Business and industry guides

Access over 70 business and industry guides from the Library & Information Service


Guides and reports on export from the Library & Information Service

Business management and strategy

Strategy, BPM, change management, benchmarking, outsourcing and more.


Business management

Resources to help organisations manage their business areas and organisational activities.


Practical information on the latest thinking in business strategy.


Outsourcing processes to improve your company's performance and avoid common traps.

Investment appraisal

Articles on investment appraisal including tools and techniques.

Directors' briefings

Access articles, webcasts and other resources on directors' duties.


Resources on takeovers, mergers and acquisitions.

Library & Information Service

Handpicked resources on topics ranging from business plans to supply chain management.

Financial management

Budgeting, cost management, modelling and forecasting, business calculations and more.


Business finance

Grants, banks and leveraged finance, IPOs, MBOs, private equity, and more.


Business funding

Access guides, articles and other resources on business funding.


Articles, webcasts and other resources on Initial Public Offerings (IPOs).


Articles, webcasts and other resources on Management Buy Outs (MBOs).

Private equity

Articles, webcasts and other resources on private equity.


An overview of grants in the UK and ways to increase your chance of success.

Personal development

Leadership, salary surveys, CPD, NEDs, team building, and mentoring.


ICAEW educational films

Innovative training material for audit, tax and advisory professionals.

HR and employment

Performance management, employees, pensions, flexible working, dismissal and more.


Employment basics

An overview of some of the basic issues employers need to be aware of.


Resources to keep your pension knowledge up-to-date.


Articles on employee ownership and talent management resources.

Flexible working

Information and legislative guidance related to flexible working.


Articles, webcasts and other resources on redundancy.

Employment law

Selection of articles and guides on employment law.

IT and data management

IT Management and strategy, information security, XBRL, systems and software selection.


Information security

Resources to help protect your IT network and computers from security breaches and data loss.


Articles, webcasts and other resources on XBRL.

ICAEW Business Conferences

Practical and informative sessions led by industry-leading expert speakers.

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ICAEW Business Conferences

ICAEW’s Business Conferences feature complementary programmes, breakout sessions and expert speakers.