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Finance function effectiveness

Articles, reports and other resources that enable accountants in business to make a real difference to their organisations by providing them with practical information on the latest thinking in finance function effectiveness.

Perfecting partnerships

Understanding business is key to success for business partners – but it’s a continual learning process. Recent research as part of ICAEW’s finance direction programme shows just how important this is for CFOs.

Charity begins at home

How do the finance directors who work in charities make the funds go further? In a tight economy, how do those at the helm maintain discipline and drive fundraising? Two FDs on the frontline of the third sector share their experiences.

FDs in creative industries

Christian Doherty talks to two FDs about the unique challenges posed by holding such a position at a company within a creative industry.

Where's my jetpack?

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Business technology was born in the finance function - and accountants make more use of it than most. So why hasn't IT completely revolutionised the role of finance?

Love and lava

Occasionally, says Simon Hill, SME CEOs can get pretty volcanic – and handling the resultant lava flows is the FD’s biggest challenge. David Higgins adds his own advice on managing the conflict.

The seven hats of the FD

Finance leaders talk to Richard Young about the different hats an FD must wear to stay ahead in the changing business environment.

The seven hats of the FD (second part)

In the second part of this three-part series, Richard Young discovers how a mastery of processes and systems, being a business arbiter and acting as trusted counsel are crucial to the FD role.

The seven hats of the FD (third part)

Over the past two issues, we’ve looked at five distinct roles an FD must play in any organisation – from being a co-pilot to the CEO, to an engineer tending the machinery of business. Richard Young rounds out the seven hats series with perhaps the most dramatic roles – rescue service and muse.

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