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Business improvement publications

Business improvement publications available to business and management faculty members.

Systems thinking: a challenge to convention

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Keeping customers happy while restraining costs is a difficult challenge. John Seddon explains how ‘systems thinking’ can deliver results in both areas.

Lucy Kellaway vs 'the pyramid of piffle'

At October’s ‘Evening with Lucy Kellaway’, the journalist and Financial Times management columnist entertained hugely with her tales of some of managements’ silliest expressions and practices, Helen Fearnley reports.

Business model innovation

Defining your business model, let alone successfully changing it, can be a surprisingly difficult challenge. In the following article Mark W Johnson explains what makes up a business model, and how to devise and test new ones.

Understanding lean six sigma

Paul Chan gives the lowdown on Lean Six Sigma, which aims to remove waste and cut non-value-adding steps in processes.

Turning around a distressed business

Now, more than ever, finance professionals may find themselves fighting to save a distressed business – whether their own, or one they have been drafted in to help. Tim Bolot outlines a high level approach to turning a business around.

A toolkit for profit improvement

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Optimisation of profitability is the central goal of commercial businesses, so could your internal financial systems be improved to that end? Probably. Dr Philip Smith, describes a specific toolkit for appraising existing financial systems and developing improvements in profitability – often building on those systems already in place.

How to avoid losing your business

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There have been recent examples of formerly successful entrepreneurs losing everything as a result of the recession. Below Rupert Merson explains the steps owner-managers should take to avoid a similar fate.

Understanding the costs of complexity

Timothy Bolot explains how troubled businesses often underestimate the true costs of operational complexity, and why drastic simplification can be a necessary first step to significantly improved performance.