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Performance management

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Articles, reports and other resources that enable accountants in business to make a real difference to their organisations by providing them with practical information on the latest thinking in performance management.

Balanced scorecard

Practical information on the latest thinking in balanced scorecard.


Balanced scorecard

Articles, reports and other resources on balanced scorecard for accountants in business.

Special report: Balanced scorecard

This report discusses Balanced Scorecard technology how to incorporate your strategic objectives into the system.


Practical information on the latest thinking in benchmarking.


Benchmarking the finance organisation

Benchmarking is a widely-embraced improvement methodology involving the systematic search for the best practices, innovative ideas, and highly productive operating methods that lead to pre-eminent performance.


Articles, reports and other resources on benchmarking for accountants in business.

Business improvement

Practical information on the latest thinking in business improvement.


Business improvement

Articles, reports and other resources on business improvement for accountants in business.

Beating silos into shape

Silos - and how to eliminate them - present a perennial management problem. Below, Professor Sir Andrew Likierman explains how performance measurement can help get rid of these potential saboteurs.

Five steps out of failure

Richard Close recently spoke to Finance & Management Faculty members about his long experience in turning around failing businesses. Here, Christian Doherty summarises his five-point plan for achieving success


Business improvement publications available to business and management faculty members.

Putting a price on talent

New research from Lancaster University Management School UK and Deloitte is attempting to design a model for measuring and improving human capital management.

Lean and efficient

Month-end and management reporting tends to be time-consuming and problematic. Kevin Dilton-Hill looks at reporting trends, and explains how determining the right information, and “lean” methods of producing it, could bring big benefits

Retail therapy

Helping revolutionise Selfridges gave Peter Williams a reputation as a turnaround expert. Christian Doherty finds there’s more to him than corporate paramedic – but in an economy that refuses to recover, his lessons are valuable to all FDs.

Special report: Lean thinking

Our special report outlines the core concepts and thought processes behind the lean philosophy.

Taking off

When it comes to maximizing profitability, Philip Varley, FCA and private pilot, reckons thinking like a flyer and applying this 12-point checklist is the way to soar through unexpected turbulence

Lean vs standard cost accounting

Ever felt your business decisions are based on irrelevant or incomplete information? Jean Cunningham uses three case studies to illustrate how lean accounting can improve your decisions, whatever your industry.

Business performance management

Practical information on the latest thinking in business performance management.


Abolishing the myths

Myths surrounding performance management are limiting the effectiveness of key performance indicators in business says David Parmenter, who sets out the facts.

BPM - Reading the signals

There is no one-size-fits-all method of managing business performance, but an understanding of where the key challenges occur can be helpful in refining your approach. Emma Riddell discusses the faculty’s ongoing work in this area.

BPM - Growing the beans

Gary Cokins explains how management accountants can confidently use their diagnostic skills to help the business with value creation.

BPM - Mind the gap

The UK economy seems to have a spring in its step and be moving steadily in the right direction. Why, then, is productivity lower than expected? Nick Huber asks a few difficult questions

BPM - Power of value

For an enterprise, demonstrating value is an ongoing project. But what exactly does it involve? Bob Pamplin of ITAC explains the nature of value, and why it is so important.


Business performance management publications available to business and management faculty members.

BPM - Stellar performance

The key to good corporate management isn’t talking up your performance measures. Rather it’s a case of orchestrating a business symphony, argues Gary Cokins.

Business performance management

Articles, reports and other resources on business performance management for accountants in business.

Key performance indicators

Very few organisations really monitor their true key performance indicators (KPIs), because very few have explored what a KPI actually is,says performance consultant David Parmenter.

Business performance management

Articles, reports and other resources on business performance management for accountants in business.

Strategy maps: useful tools for FDs

Jonathan Teller reviews balanced scorecard gurus Robert Kaplan and David Norton's third book and concludes that 'strategy maps'are a valuable technique for finance directors(FDs).

Negotiate the positive

Even the most confident executive can falter when it comes to doing deals. Negotiation expert. Clive Rich answers the four key questions geared to achieving success in the boardroom.

FD's in partnership

What is life like for the FD working in a company with no management structure? Chris Turner and Mike Giles share their view on time spent in partnerships.

BPM - Knowing the score

Balanced scorecards can significantly change how an organisation communicates and operates. Christian Doherty talks to Alan Sharpe, director of finance and information systems at the RSPB, about how scorecards came to the charity’s rescue.

KPIs: time to abandon ship?

In his second article on performance management, David Parmenter asks whether its time to leave key performance indicators behind and adopt more radical measurements.

Performance measurement

This Finance and Management Faculty lecture was presented at Chartered Accountants' Hall, London on 13 July 2011.

Resource allocation tools

This 32-page special report contains content produced specifically for chief financial officers (CFOs).

Special report: The value blueprint

This report explains how some companies consistently outperform their peers across multiple economic cycles.

Ten steps to performance success

When the faculty identified ten factors for good performance management, they were tested in a global study by the Advanced Performance Institute. Bernard Marr examines the details.

Performance measures

This Finance and Management Faculty lecture was presented at Chartered Accountants' Hall, London on 29 February 2012.

Working out the best measures

Many businesses collect rafts of information while never really knowing which measures matter to performance. Bernard Marr reveals how it is possible to collect better and more relevant performance data.

Finance function

Practical information on the latest thinking in finance function effectiveness.


Finance function effectiveness

Articles, reports and other resources on finance function effectiveness for accountants in business.

Developing excellence in finance teams

John Tranter and Steve Satterthwaite explain how to develop loyalty in organisations through a sense of inclusiveness and belonging.

FDs in creative industries

Christian Doherty talks to two FDs about the unique challenges posed by holding such a position at a company within a creative industry.

Charity begins at home

How do the finance directors who work in charities make the funds go further? In a tight economy, how do those at the helm maintain discipline and drive fundraising? Two FDs on the frontline of the third sector share their experiences.

Perfecting partnerships

Understanding business is key to success for business partners – but it’s a continual learning process. Recent research as part of ICAEW’s finance direction programme shows just how important this is for CFOs.


Finance function effectiveness publications available to business and management faculty members.

Love and lava

Occasionally, says Simon Hill, SME CEOs can get pretty volcanic – and handling the resultant lava flows is the FD’s biggest challenge. David Higgins adds his own advice on managing the conflict.

The seven hats of the FD

Finance leaders talk to Richard Young about the different hats an FD must wear to stay ahead in the changing business environment.

The seven hats of the FD (second part)

In the second part of this three-part series, Richard Young discovers how a mastery of processes and systems, being a business arbiter and acting as trusted counsel are crucial to the FD role.

The seven hats of the FD (third part)

Over the past two issues, we’ve looked at five distinct roles an FD must play in any organisation – from being a co-pilot to the CEO, to an engineer tending the machinery of business. Richard Young rounds out the seven hats series with perhaps the most dramatic roles – rescue service and muse.

Turning around a finance function

Robert Williams discusses the turnaround of Oxford University’s finance department with Emma Riddell.

Turning around finance function – panel

Following the Finance and Management Faculty’s panel discussion on turning around a finance function, on 19 June 2012, our experts share the key points from the session in a series of mini-interviews.

Where's my jetpack?

Business technology was born in the finance function - and accountants make more use of it than most. So why hasn't IT completely revolutionised the role of finance?