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Guide to business resources

When you are a professional accountant in business your information needs are never consistent or predictable. During one quarter you might be focusing on financial reporting and so may only need your trusty financial reporting manual to hand, but at other times during the year your remit will be more diverse.

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Guide to business resources part 1

You might find yourself heading up a risk review one month and then negotiating contracts the next. One morning you might be dealing with high level questions from investors and then in the afternoon the managing director could unexpectedly ask for your opinion on outsourcing part of the business.Where do you go for this information?

Where can you find answers to your questions, and quickly? Well, whilst the faculty provides you with high quality articles, reports, webcasts and podcasts, we also recognise that when you receive them might not be when you need them. You must be able to access the information you need when you need it, and that is the aim of our Guide to Business Resources.This guide is split into two parts. This part aims to introduce you to (or reacquaint you with) some of the most useful resources available as part of your faculty membership.

Did you know that you can:

  • access our entire archive of material via a simple keyword search;
  • contact a fellow faculty member to discuss an issue;
  • access the latest ICAEW training manuals for a quick refresher course;
  • borrow books from the Institute library and have them posted out to you (if you are an ICAEW member); and
  • read some of the best business books in just 15 minutes - via an online summary?
  • Read our guide to see how you can make the most of all of these services and more.

We have also included details of some of our most popular reports and webcasts as well as a list of recent faculty material. A great place to start when you are thinking about your CPD needs.

Published by the Finance and Management faculty (SR18 - December 2007)

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