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Data visualisation in presentations

Author Steve Wexler reflects on the importance of feedback, iteration and constant improvement when it comes to creating the best data visualisations.

People ask me how three opinionated people can write a book like The Big Book of Dashboards together. Didn’t we disagree on things? How were we able to work out our differences? I can’t speak for Jeff Shaffer and Andy Cotgreave, but I’m very glad I found two fellow authors who would challenge every assertion I had, as it made for a much better book.

And why did it work? Because we had one overarching goal in common: clarity. When I am asked about the process I think of a band breaking up because of “artistic differences”. That didn’t happen with the three of us because we weren’t trying to create art. For certain, we wanted dashboards that were beautiful, but more than anything else we wanted dashboards that allow the largest number of people to get the greatest degree of understanding with a minimum amount of effort.

This is an extract from the Business & Management Magazine, Issue 259, November 2017.  

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