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Building growth

Arup chairman Gregory Hodkinson tells us about the company’s approach to business

Arup was established in 1946 in London and quickly opened offices in Dublin and Johannesberg, so that we managed to achieve organic expansion. We have 100 offices in 40 countries and we think globally, operating with world divisions. Some of this expansion was organised centrally, but much of it was initiated by staff members and others realising that there was sufficient demand in a country to justify a local office.

Arup delivers infrastructure design projects across the world, from geotechnics, water engineering, bridge design and tunnels, to site development, buildings, rail, mining, waste and highway design. We are broadly in a good economic position across the globe, with population growth requiring new infrastructure in the developed world, where existing infrastructure requires repairing and modernising, and in developing countries, where the infrastructure is weak or may not exist at all.

Each market we work in has to be approached differently. We are a UK-headquartered firm but look outwards, as 65% of our turnover derives from overseas markets.

This is an extract from the Business & Management Magazine, Issue 268, October 2018.

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