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What do people say about your business?

Ken Schmidt details why you should be taking note about who's saying what about your business.

Believe it or not, businesses and people share something in common in with my favourite objects in the world: motorcycles. They make noise. And the noise they make is either conspicuous, instantly recognised and valued – like the roar of a powerful Harley-Davidson – or it’s an indistinct static hum. If at this moment a motorcycle were zooming up a nearby street, that familiar noise you’d hear would instantly announce “motorcycle!” But it might not tell you who built it. Unless, of course, that motorcycle was a Harley. You’d recognise that roar immediately and attach a name to it. That’s how dominant noise works.

When I say that every business in the world makes noise, I’m not talking about the sounds generated through normal business activity. I’m talking about something much more vital. When people important to your business – clients, prospects, business partners, media, trade associations and the like – talk about you, that’s your noise. And your noise is either a predictable, indistinguishable, static hum or it’s something that stands out as meaningfully, memorably different.

This is an extract from the Business & Management Magazine, Issue 271, February 2019.

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