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Treasure trove

ICAEW has revamped its webpages on assurance. Audit & Beyond highlights their benefits.

Have you always wanted to know more about non-audit assurance without wading through the 60-plus pages in our Assurance Sourcebook?

Have you got a question about how to structure, carry out, or simply understand assurance over emerging forms of external reporting?

Then this may be for you. ICAEW’s assurance webpages have undergone a major revamp. The new resource is more readable, more searchable and capable of expanding to incorporate further content as practice continues to develop in this exciting area. We have brought together a huge collection of assurance material to create a one stop shop for assurance buyers, users, providers and others with an interest. Resources include definitions of terms, service descriptions linking in relevant standards, a structure to shape reports – and more.
The structure of the web pages enables you to think through an engagement one stage at a time and contains references to relevant ICAEW guidance for each stage.

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