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Find a support member

Support members provide assistance to all ICAEW members in the UK and abroad. Each District Society area in the UK has at least one support member. An ICAEW member can contact a support member outside their area.

How much does it cost to call the support line?

The support line is free when calling within the UK. If you are calling from overseas your call will be charged at normal call rates.

Support line: 0800 917 3526

If you are calling from outside the UK, dial  +44 (0)800 917 3526.

Alternatively you can email the scheme on support.members@icaew.com

How can support members help me?

Support members offer a totally confidential, non-judgemental support service to members of any age and in all areas of professional activity. All support members are chartered accountants and exempt from the duty to report misconduct.

What issues can support members help me with?

These give a flavour of the types of issues that support members can help with.

What training do support members receive?

Each year support members attend an annual conference that provides them with valuable training, updates on changes to regulations and an opportunity to discuss areas of common interest.

In addition to the annual conference, we provide ongoing support by familiarising them with ICAEW support services and the disciplinary and regulatory process.

Why was the scheme created?

The Support Member Scheme exists to offer support to members who are in difficulty. The current scheme is an amalgamation of two earlier schemes. The initial Support Members Scheme was set up in 1994 as a point of contact for members who were uncomfortable to contact the Institute directly with any difficulties they were facing.

In 2002 this scheme merged with IMACE (Industrial Members Advisory Committee on Ethics). This was a more specialist service with volunteers providing advice on business ethics issues. This specialist advice is now available to members via the Support Members Scheme and also by referrals from the Ethics Advisory Services of the Institute.

Since then the role of support members have expanded to provide support to any member who is experiencing difficulties - whatever those difficulties might be.

Confidential support when you need it