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Software companies guide to the ICAEW Accreditation Process

This guide is for software companies considering joining the Accreditation Scheme.

Please also refer to benefits of joining the scheme for further information.

The evaluation and completion of the questionnaire

  • The ICAEW Scheme Manager will send you a list of evaluators and the accreditation questionnaire.
  • You will need to obtain and agree a quotation for the evaluation, appoint an evaluator and advise the ICAEW Scheme Manager and Technical Manager of your chosen evaluator and the date of the evaluation.
  • You will then need to complete the Software House section of the questionnaire.
  • On the agreed date, the evaluator will need to review a copy of the software and then complete the evaluator's section of the questionnaire and discuss any issues with you. You and the evaluator will then need to prepare the prologue and update the Accreditation Products grid.

Documentation review

  • The evaluator will send the completed questionnaire and prologue to the ICAEW Technical Manager.
  • The ICAEW Technical Manager will review the documents and discuss any queries or issues with the evaluator, who will then liaise with you.
  • When all queries or issues are resolved, the questionnaire is finalised and signed off by the ICAEW Technical Manager.
  • The ICAEW Scheme Manager will call you to confirm the accreditation and arrange a post evaluation meeting.

Post Evaluation Meeting

  • Prior to the post evaluation meeting taking place, the ICAEW Scheme Manager will confirm the accreditation and date of the meeting in writing and enclose the accreditation contract and post evaluation questionnaire which will form the basis of the meeting.
  • The meeting will review the content of the post evaluation questionnaire, explain the marketing package which supports the accreditation and answer any contract queries you may have.
  • Once the contracts are signed and the accreditation fee is received (ideally at the meeting), the ICAEW logo and member data file will be supplied, your product details and completed questionnaire will be added to accreditation website at www.icaew.com/accreditedsoftware and a certificate recognising your accreditation will be issued. This will all take place within 7 days.

Follow up process

  • A follow up meeting will take place every 12 months in the three year contract period of the accreditation and these will be diarised and arranged by the ICAEW Scheme Manager.
  • Products are normally re-evaluated every three years.


The contract is for three years and the accreditation fee is £6,000 per annum. The independent evaluators fee is negotiated between the software company and the evaluator and is paid directly to the evaluator.