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CreDec – payment services

Get low cost access to BACS and Faster Payments with CreDec.


CreDec is the leading provider of BACS payment services for practice payroll in the UK.  Our model offers the lowest cost access to BACS, and CreDec is the ICAEW’s appointed BACS partner for PAYE RTI.

Request free Guide to PAYE RTI for Practice Payroll

To request CreDec’s free Guide to PAYE RTI for Practice Payroll or to discuss any aspect of RTI compliance, visit credec.com/icaew or call Emma Bateman on 0845 130 8667. Calls may be recorded or monitored.

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Paying by BACS is best practice for payroll

HMRC best practice advice to employers underlines the importance of the BACS payment system in supporting Government policy reform.  Only Direct BACS directly evidences payments to employees, minimising contact between employees and their employers regarding Universal Credit payments.  

Paying employees by BACS also provides the only independent validation of employer PAYE data to HMRC. This is because Direct BACS utilises the hash code, linking FPS submissions to BACS payments.

Payments for your practice payroll

Payment services from CreDec work seamlessly with your existing payroll operation and software to provide payments to client employees.

RTI BACS payment files generated by payroll software are simply uploaded to your CreDec portal where they are submitted to BACS or Faster Payments. CreDec also supports payment of PAYE and NICs to HMRC directly from our secure interface, as well as general accounts payable payments to suppliers.

Further information

For more information about CreDec please visit credec.com/icaew or email client.services@credec.co.uk

CreDec is a trading name of Ardohr Limited. Ardohr Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Company registered number 3156714. FCA registered number 791622