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Valuing niche businesses

It's not unusual for ICAEW's Library & Information team to receive enquiries about how to value businesses which are slightly out of the ordinary. Being asked for a method of valuing monkeys at a breeding farm is not something we're asked every day, but we were able to help. So if you are trying to value a company in a sector you're unfamiliar with, we'll be happy to look in to it for you.

Not all of our valuation enquiries touch on the exotic, but we do cover a range of businesses where valuation methods might not be that easy to find. Here are some ‘for instances’:

Car dealerships

By using an international mergers and acquisitions resource we were able to supply a report summarising recent car dealership deal values.


Need to know more about the profession and practices? Well, through our free book loan service we sent the member copies of the Acting for dentists accounting digest, CCH's Dentists: An industry accounting and auditing guide and Finance for dentists: The essential handbook.

Law firms

When we were asked how to value a law firm we found useful sections in the Law Society's book Strategy for law firms: After the Legal Services Act, which we then supplied through our free postal service.

Medicine bottle manufacturer

Where do you begin to look for deal multiples to undertake a valuation on a company which manufactures medicine/drugs bottles?  Because we buy in quality resources, we were able to supply these through a source updated hourly.

Music royalties

How do you value music royalties? Not everything is online but we were able to provide helpful content including sections from the book Music business: Infrastructure, practice and law.

Pharmaceutical companies

We were asked about management buyouts (MBOs) in pharmaceutical companies plus acquisitions deals. Using a source which includes financial summaries as well as rumoured deals and their origin, lists of the relevant deals were emailed to our enquirer.

Key resources

As you can see, the Library has access to a wide range of print and online resources which we can draw on to answer valuation queries. The majority are free of charge and we only charge in those instances where we have to pass on the cost.

Books – delivered to you

Most of our print titles are available for loan to ICAEW members, ACA students and other entitled users. This service is free of charge; you just pay the return postage.

Some of our most popular valuation books available to borrow include:

Web pages – internet access 24/7

Get in touch

If you would like any help finding valuation resources, just contact the ICAEW Library and Information team at library@icaew.com or +44 (0)20 7920 8620. We look forward to hearing from you.