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Principles of financial modelling: model design and best practices using Excel and VBA

A practical guide to financial modelling, demonstrating how to plan, design and build financial models. The book provides an introduction to modelling and discusses model design, the process of building models and sensitivity and scenario analysis, with practical examples of using Excel functions and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) within financial modelling.

Financial modeling in Excel for Dummies

A beginner's guide to financial modeling using Microsoft Excel - this book shows you how to harness Excel's capabilities to determine profitability, develop budgetary projections, model depreciation, project costs, value assets and more. You'll learn the fundamental best practices and know-how of financial modeling, and how to put them to work for your business and your clients.

Mastering financial mathematics in Microsoft Excel: a practical guide to business calculations (3rd edition)

Fully updated and compliant with Excel 2013, this clearly explains the basic calculations for mathematical finance, backed up with simple templates for further use and development, and a workbook with exercises and solutions at the end of each chapter. Contains chapters on: basic Financial Arithmetic; cash flows; bonds calculations; bond risks; floating rate securities; amortisation and depreciation; swaps; forward interest rates; futures; foreign exchange; options; real options; valuation; leasing; basic statistics.

Advanced Excel reporting for management accountants

Learn about the Excel functions that can automate the process of financial reporting for management accountants. The book demonstrates how to create and run reports and apply software tools to two case studies.

Excel dashboards and reports for dummies

Introduces Excel functionalities for building better financial reporting mechanisms. Includes tips on exploiting Excel for data analysis and visualisation.

Mastering financial modelling in Microsoft Excel: a practitioner's guide to applied corporate finance (3rd edition)

Comprehensive tools and methods to help you build, develop and apply financial models using Microsoft Excel, enabling you to get better, more accurate results, faster. The new edition of this bestselling title begins by explaining basic modelling techniques before moving through to more complex models. The book is divided into two parts: the first part outlines model designs and gives templates, key features and techniques. The second part of the book shows how to build corporate financial models in Excel. This new edition includes a reworking of the book in Excel 2010 (but with older material still included), inclusion of Apple Mac, addition of specific 2010 features and end of chapter exercises.

Using Excel for business analysis: A guide to financial modelling fundamentals

Practical guidance on how to design, build and test financial models. The book opens with a general guide to financial modelling, followed by step-by-step instructions to walk you through modelling in Excel 2013. Finally, advice is given on effectively presenting your model's results via a written report or oral presentation.

Financial planning using Excel: forecasting, planning and budgeting techniques

Aimed at people who already have some knowledge of Microsoft Excel. It looks at spreadsheet skills for different types of planning, and contains detailed sections on business planning, forecasting and managing budgets with business software.

Structured finance modeling with object-oriented VBA

An aid to using business software for financial modelling in the securities market. It is primarily concerned with Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic but includes general guidance on modelling and corporate finance.

Financial modeling with Crystal Ball and Excel

Guide to financial modelling using business software, including Oracle Crystal Ball and Microsoft Excel. It includes chapters on financial forecasting, modelling financial statements, and other modelling functions available in Excel.

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