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Resources to help members with interests in Greece and across the eurozone

To support ICAEW Chartered Accountants advising and leading businesses with interests in the eurozone, we have compiled a selection of practical articles, briefings and guides. These will help you respond to the challenges and opportunities caused by the on-going uncertainty in the eurozone.

It is important that businesses watch how the present situation unfolds and take appropriate action to mitigate the impact of the economic situation within certain eurozone countries.

Background, scenarios and news

Background and forecasts for the current situation in the eurozone

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Eurozone crisis - background, scenarios and news

Discover the latest news, find in-depth background information and explore scenarios, commentary and surveys on the eurozone with our selection of reports and useful links.

Help and support

Sources of support available to help you.

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Eurozone crisis - help and support

The introduction of temporary capital control measures in Greece, limiting the movement of currency, may have an impact your business or that of your suppliers. On this page you can find information on the sources of support available to you.

Business strategy

Are your contingency plans up to date?

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Eurozone crisis - business strategy and contingency planning

The situation in the eurozone has global consequences and has the potential to cause operational difficulties for many companies. On this page we have highlighted a number of resources that can help you develop and update contingency plans and adopt practical strategies to prepare for further disruption.

Contracts, counterparties and other legal issues

Are you aware of the legal issues arising from potential changes to the eurozone?

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Treasury and cash management

Are your treasury operations prepared for further eurozone instability?

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Eurozone crisis - treasury and cash management

Treasury, cashflow and cash management operations need to be fully prepared against instability in the eurozone. On this page you can find a selection of articles, guides and case studies to help you assess and recover from the impact of any further deterioration in the eurozone.

Supply chain management

Are your supply chains disrupted by ongoing events in the eurozone?

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Planning for supply chain disruption

On this page you can find articles and guides to help you plan around potential supply chain disruptions, as well as evaluate your business continuity preparedness.


Is it time to consider exporting to countries outside the eurozone?

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International trade and business is becoming increasingly important to many businesses as the world becomes more connected. On this page you can access a range of articles, books and online resources providing quick links to guidance, statistics and news.