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Person responsible for training

The role of person responsible for training (PRT) only exists in a subsidiary office within a training office group. The person responsible for training carries out the same function as a qualified person responsible for training (QPRT).

Register as a PRT

To register as a person responsible for training (PRT), please download and complete the PRT application form.

Download form
The PRT must be an experienced individual, preferably of partner or director status. Ideally they should be an ICAEW member. Where there is not possible, the PRT may be a member of ACCA, CIMA, CIPFA, ICAS, CAI or international equivalent.

The PRT must be based at the subsidiary office. It is important the effective communication between the QPRT and PRT takes place.

Key responsibilities

The PRT carries out the same responsibilities as a QPRT.

Within a training office group, the QPRT will take overall responsibility for training across the whole group. A PRT is needed in each subsidiary office within a training office group.

A PRT can:

  • view their students online training file which includes the training agreement history, exam and education history, credit for prior learning awarded and exam applications;
  • conduct six-monthly reviews with their students;
  • update or cancel their students’ training agreement; and
  • conduct the final sign-off online to confirm their students’ professional development, ethics and professional scepticism, practical work experience and to certify that the student is fit and proper to become an ICAEW member at the end of their training agreement.