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Support for firms on diversity

ICAEW is committed to supporting organisations in embracing the diversity agenda and meeting the needs of their employees. Here ICAEW has collated a series of resources and information, including support in understanding the requirements of the UK Equality Act 2010.

Support on

How diverse should boards be?

The fourth ICAEW thought piece on corporate governance focuses on diversity, outlining the principal drivers that can help boards set and assess diversity objectives and promote long-term business success.

Profile: Melanie Richards

Melanie Richards, partner and vice chair at KPMG, talks to economia about how businesses can ensure that everyone is represented, both at board and executive level. Read this article from November 2016.

Nick Parker interview

ICAEW president Nick Parker on making the profession more diverse and the encouraging progress made so far. Read this interview from the October 2017 edition of economia.

Age discrimination

Equality legislation protects individuals from being discriminated on the basis of their age. On this page you can find articles, books and online resources providing information, legislation and guidance.

Why older people will need to work longer

In this economia article, David Adams examines why more older people are going to need to work for longer and what this means for them, as well as employers, the economy and society.

Disability discrimination

Discrimination legislation protects the rights of disabled people in employment, education, and access to goods and services. On this page you can find articles, books and online resources offering guidance in this area of law.

Adjustments' for disabled employees

An employer who made 'reasonable adjustments' for a disabled employee, but did not do it quickly enough, has had to pay compensation for disability discrimination following a recent ruling. Legal Alert, October 2012.

Top tips for Gender Pay Gap Regulations

Thursday 6th April 2017, Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations come in to effect today, so do you have a plan of action? ICAEW provides some top tips to help organisations get started.

Gender debate is a male issue, too!

As frustration builds over the limited impact of gender equality initiatives, Geraldine Gallacher looks at the link between the slow pace of reform and a need to reframe the debate to include male as well as female aspirations.

Women and finance: The issues

Despite the equality agenda, finance remains an unattractive sector for female applicants. In this economia article from January 2017, Faye Watts, founding partner of FUSE Accountants LLP and campaigner, outlines a strategy for getting women running the numbers.

Want more women in top positions? Provide them with more flexibility at work

Following the BBC report in August 2017, which revealed the disparities between men and women’s earnings, Heejung Chung argued in this economia article that this shouldn't have been a surprise. Chung, a Senior Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Kent, outlined the reasons for this disparity and how it can be tackled.

Understanding post-natal depression

At least one in 10 women in the UK is thought to experience postnatal depression (PND) after they have a baby. CABA has compiled information on the causes, potential symptoms and details of support available for women suffering from PND.

Profile: Dame Inga Beale

Dame Inga Beale, Lloyd’s of London CEO, talks to economia about pushing the market into the modern age, tackling diversity and dealing with Trump and tornadoes. Read this article from January 2018.

LGBT networks benefiting business

LGBT networks across accountancy firms are nothing new. However, in recent years they have excelled in promoting diversity and difference to employees from all backgrounds. In this economia article from February 2015, LGBT network members and leaders explain how their groups are benefitting business.

LGBT networks in accountancy

As the 2016 LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual) History Month started, economia looked at what accountancy firms in the UK are doing to support their LGBT community.


OUTstanding is a membership organisation for global businesses. It works with LGBT+ and ally leaders to drive cultural change, creating an environment where everyone can succeed. Working with 26% of the FTSE 100, it is a network that aims to drive positive change.

Stereotyping leads to race ruling

Following a recent case, employers should ensure that line managers are trained to spot types of workplace situations in which they might otherwise apply unconscious stereotyping amounting to race discrimination; and that complaints from any worker are taken at face value and handled well.

Member profile: Rashpal Singh Hullait

Rashpal Singh Hullait has never ducked a challenge. From facing down racism and competing in martial arts, to never giving up on his beloved Arsenal. In this economia article from September 2017, he explains where he gets his tenacity from.