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South East Asia latest news

Getting her just deserts

After spending years in the finance world, a chance discovery of a Japanese dessert not yet popular in the UK led FCA Vivien Wong to set up Little Moons.

ICAEW Economic Insight 2018: South-East Asia Q4 Report Launch Event

>In the month of December, ICAEW organised launch events in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Jakarta, Indonesia. The event kicked off by the quarterly report presentation by Sian Fenner, Lead Asia Economist at Oxford Economics. The presentation was followed by a panel discussion focusing on topic such as the ongoing US-China trade tension and how it is upsetting the SouthEast Asia GDP growth.

ICAEW Economic Insight 2018

As one of ICAEW’s flagship events, the Economic Insight 2018: South-East Asia Q2 Report Launch was hosted in Vietnam and Singapore in the month of June. Sian Fenner, Lead Asia Economist at Oxford Economics and ICAEW economic partner, presented the Q2 report on the latest economic trend in ASEAN.

ICAEW Technical Roadshow 2018

Kristin Gillon, Technical Manager of ICAEW IT Faculty, embarked on her journey through SouthEast Asia as she led the ICAEW Technical Roadshow in six cities. She presented topics around Artificial Intelligence (AI), how it is becoming an everyday occurrence and whether having more intelligent systems can help accountants provide more insight and move further up the value chain.She also analysed the extent of business knowledge on today’s advancing technology and cybersecurity. 

ICAEW Economic Insight 2017

In the month of June, the ICAEW Economic Insight 2017: South-East Asia Q2 launch was held in Vietnam and Singapore. Priyanka Kishore, Lead Asia Economist of Oxford Economics, an ICAEW partner who presented the quarterly report at the events. A panel discussion ensued where esteemed panel members shared and discussed current topics and economic challenges in the region.

ICAEW International Thought Leadership Events in South East Asia

Join Henning Diederichs, ICAEW Financial Reporting Faculty member on his roadshow in South East Asia as he presents on topics such as, “An introduction to accruals accounting by Governments”, “Group IPSAS for Assets” to “Group for Financial Reporting”. Henning will look at the impact that accruals accounting has had on financial reporting and also the factors to consider to ensure successful implementation, such as IT systems and professional skills/competencies.

ICAEW Regional Thought Leadership Roadshow  - Global Sustainable Growth Development

Richard Spencer, Head of Sustainability from the ICAEW Faculty was in the region to conduct technical sessions in six cities. He presented, shared and facilitated various sessions in the areas of accounting for nature / the natural capital coalition, global sustainable growth, sustainability and the role of accountants; and also the local, national and region challenges. An opportunity for our stakeholders to learn and discuss an issue that has impact on the environment and businesses, and also the future of the profession.

ICAEW’s first Chartered Accountants Worldwide members event in Thailand and Myanmar

In April and May, a networking event was held for chartered accountants in Yangon and Bangkok respectively. Each event brought together business leaders and chartered accountants from various industries. An initiative and networking event organised by ICAEW for fellow chartered accountants in both cities.

Cash to accrual accounting, no easy task

Malaysia’s move to accrual accounting for the public sector is seen as a welcomed change by many since its introduction by the government four years ago. Despite that, the transition from cash accounting to accruals has fallen behind the government’s targeted implementation date of early 2016, citing time as a factor to achieve perfection. In an interview with Ross Campbell, Director of Public Sector for ICAEW, he opined that most countries need five to eight years for full implementation to take place. Campbell also emphasised that despite the shift into accrual accounting helps promotes information transparency for policy makers’ usage, it still needs a feedback loop of public accountability in order to have pressure to reform. With Malaysia’s relatively strong footing in the accountancy profession, the transition will definitely benefit the country in the long run the transparency helps reduce accounting scandals.

ICAEW Regional Thought Leadership Roadshow

In the month of April Kirstin Gillon, Technical Manager from the ICAEW IT Faculty visited Vietnam, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia on a Thought Leadership Roadshow, sharing her knowledge and expertise on cyber security and how to keep one step ahead, and the importance of managing risk in a digital world.

ICAEW Malaysia - Celebrating excellence 2015

ICAEW celebrates the achievements of over 140 ACA graduates, a significant milestone for our Malaysia office and welcomed new members to organisation on 6 November. We are honoured to have the presence of the minister in the Prime Minister’s department as well as ICAEW President, staff members, and notable guests from professional bodies, business leaders, key authorised training employers and higher education institutions in Malaysia.


F-TEN Asia second cohort graduation on 15 May

On 15 May, ICAEW concluded a second successful run of its unique F-TEN Asia 2014 programme in Singapore with a graduation dinner at the Tower Club. The programme aims to provide delegates from South East Asia with the knowledge and skills to become high-performing Chief Financial Officers (CFOs).

ACA Prize winner 2015

On 23 April, Jackson Lim, Khei-Peng Si and Christina Sue Yin Lim were recognized for achieving the highest marks in their ACA exams last year. The award ceremony was held at Chartered Accountants’ Hall in London.

ICAEW has appointed Mr Deny Poerhadiyanto, CA as its first Head of Indonesia

This is part of ICAEW’s commitment to build and strengthen its initiatives and presence in Indonesia and within the South East Asia region.

Economist Insights: Boardroom risk in a changing economic climate

On 18 March, ICAEW in association with The Economist presented ‘Economist Insights: Boardroom risk in a changing economic climate’, an interactive roundtable event hosted at at Raffles Hotel, Singapore.

F-TEN Asia dinner event

On 22 January, the second cohort of the Financial Talent Executive Network Asia came together for a dinner event and drinks. 

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