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London Accountant Opinion

Opinion from the London Accountant magazine, the official publication of the London and Croydon Societies of Chartered Accountants.

London President: A year of bringing people together

Helen Brennan June 2019

In her last article before handing over the reins to her successor, LSCA President Helen Brennan reflects on the achievement of bringing London ICAEW members together “in interesting times”

Recipe for timely assurance

Jagdeep Chaggar June 2019

Jagdeep Chaggar, London member of ICAEW Council, sets out the ingredients he believes will allow companies and auditors to provide more timely assurances for financial reports.

Croydon President more than honorary title

Andrew McKenzie-Smart June 2019

Stepping down as President of ICAEW Chartered Accountants Croydon, Andrew McKenzie-Smart highlights the professional and personal changes he has seen over the past four years and how this has affected the bottom line, if not the waist line!

Safe space needed for audit quality evidence

Helen Brennan May 2019

ICAEW is well placed to act as a safe space to allow auditors the chance to provide the volume and quality of evidence, without fear of repercussion, that is necessary to inform the current debate and keep cool heads, argues LSCA President Helen Brennan.

Boost your career with the power of LinkedIn

Laura Little May 2019

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool when it comes to your career, using it correctly can teach you more about your chosen field, help you make new industry connections and even boost your career search, says CABA’s Laura Little.

Risks when volunteering becomes working for free

Vicky Andrew May 2019

Following last month’s article by Richard Joseph on the personal benefits of volunteering, SELAS chair Vicky Andrew looks at striking the balance between volunteering and working for free.

Open and honest leaders for Brexit times

Helen Brennan April 2019

Whatever happens in these uncertain times, chartered accountants can lead the way as open, honest and trusted advisers, argues LSCA President Helen Brennan.

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