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News from the London Accountant magazine, the official publication of the London and Croydon Societies of Chartered Accountants.

Construction must stop low price bids, urges ICAEW

May 2019

Lowest-price tendering is forcing contractors to price their work at unrealistically low levels, which is likely to have serious consequences for the construction industry, according to ICAEW.

Winning at B2B: six steps for small businesses

Jonathan Hollis May 2019

In the first of a three-part series, PwC’s Jonathan Hollis looks at how small businesses can sell their products and services to larger corporates in today’s business environment. This month, six steps on the road to winning new business.

EFG driving small business growth ambitions

Nick Levine April 2019

ICAEW Head of Enterprise Nick Levine answers your questions about the Enterprise Finance Guarantee scheme, a vital route to finance for growing businesses.

Family business options to share value

April 2019

The Tax Discussion Group recently revisited issues of a family business, this time looking carefully at the options available for share ownership between the parents and their children.

Stable messages matter more than ever in post-Brexit Britain

Andrew McKenzie-Smart April 2019

Chartered accountants will be expected to provide the financial leadership to the businesses that underpin the UK economy, projecting a message of stability once the UK has left the EU, says Croydon President Andrew McKenzie-Smart.

Open and honest leaders for Brexit times

Helen Brennan April 2019

Whatever happens in these uncertain times, chartered accountants can lead the way as open, honest and trusted advisers, argues LSCA President Helen Brennan.

HSBC Chair to share insights at City event

Matthew Millane April 2019

Mark Tucker, HSBC Chair, will be answering questions from chartered accountants about his career at an event organised by the Australian & New Zealand Accountants In London Networking Group, a chance to learn from the top, says Matthew Millane.

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