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20 years of ICAEW presence in Brussels

On 7 October, ICAEW hosted a major event marking 20 years of presence in Brussels. On this occasion, we launched a special publication on 'Europe's future in global markets’

ICAEW has had a direct presence in Brussels since 1994, building strong relationships with European Union institutions and other stakeholders to influence the policies that have a direct impact on the accountancy profession. In keeping with ICAEW’s founding Royal Charter of 1880, our engagement with policy-makers and stakeholders in Brussels has been pursued in the public interest and has addressed numerous EU policy matters and other initiatives, most notably in the following areas: 

  • financial reporting
  • auditing
  • governance
  • taxation
  • enterprise
  • sustainability
  • financial services
  • public finance

A write-up of our event celebrating 20 years of engagement in Brussels can be found here.

Some of our most recent recommendations in these areas can be found in our publication ‘Growth in Europe: Priorities for the next five years’.

Europe’s future in global markets: Marking ICAEW’s 20 years in Brussels

To mark ICAEW’s 20 years of presence in Brussels, we have invited over 20 senior policy-makers and market participants to share their views on Europe’s future in global markets, especially the development of the Single Market so far, and measures to be taken for it to reach its full potential. Reflecting on key achievements in the past 20 years, contributors will draw lessons from the past and propose recommendations on how to make Europe more competitive. 

Contributors discuss the importance of a proportionate regulatory environment and a culture embracing entrepreneurship and innovation for a competitive Europe. Several chapters focus on company law developments and the future of accounting, auditing and assurance. The publication also looks at the financing of the economy; and the right framework for green growth. Finally, the publication includes a chapter on the importance of sustainable public sector finances for Europe. 

The publication is composed of contributions from senior policy-makers and other stakeholders,  including Jonathan Faull, Director-General, European Commission, Sir Michael Rake, President of the CBI, Andrea Enria, Chair of the EBA, Emma Marcegaglia, President of Business Europe, David Wright, Secretary General, IOSCO and others.