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Find out more about what we do for our members in the Caribbean, how you can join us, and the qualifications we offer.

Join us as a member of another accountancy body

If you are a qualified member of another professional body, you could be eligible to join the ICAEW. We offer various routes to membership, including reciprocal agreements, advanced credit arrangements, common content arrangements and our Pathways to Membership programme.

Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Caribbean

ICAC is an IFAC recognised regional organisation for the accountancy profession in the Caribbean. Whilst ICAEW is not a member, we are fully supportive of ICAC’s goals; the relationship between ICAEW and ICAC is warm and mutually beneficial.

Qualifications and programmes available in the Caribbean

The following ICAEW qualifications and programmes are available in the Caribbean.

Reputation and influence

Working in partnership with global and regional organisations to promote good practice.