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Decisions, decisions – what next for my accountancy career?

What are the next best steps for my accountancy career? We’re sure you’ve asked this question many times when starting your training. And what is the answer? In truth, there are no right answers. Our comprehensive guide presents a brief overview of possible options that will help you to decide on your best career path.

James Parker
Financial services: is more than just banking. It also includes investment banks, retail banks, investment managers and insurance companies. The opportunities for newly-qualified accountants are vast with many roles offered across different sectors (to name a few): 

  • finance control and regulations
  • product control
  • internal audit
  • decision support 

In recent years roles within regulatory and change management have increased in demand, due to the changing landscape of the sector. Typical salaries range from £50,000 to £56,000 for a newly-qualified accountant.  

Commercial and Industrial: sectors offer newly-qualified accountants a diverse and rewarding career. The first thing to consider is which sector you wish to work in; broadly covered by: 

  • consumer and services
  • industry and manufacturing
  • technology and telecommunications

And the roles across these industries include: 

  • financial accountant 
  • group accountant
  • financial/commercial
  • internal audit

Dynamic companies want to utilise their best talent and move them around the business.  Within 18 months to 2 years, your career should progress to a salary of £45,000 – £50,000. After two years, your salary should progress to £55,000 – £60,000. 

In spite of all these options, your final decision should always consider your core strengths and motivators. Are you technical or analytical? Do you want a domestic or international reach? Does a corporate or a flexible environment suit you best? These factors are equally important, if not more so. Money is important, but so is an enjoyable career in the sector that is most compatible for you. 

If you’re ready to make your next career move contact James Parker at Hydrogen Group at 020 7002 0358.