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Faculties and Communities

Students can register free of charge for provisional membership of one community and receive a monthly complimentary e-newsletter from one faculty of their choice. Faculties and Communities are groups designed to support you in areas of work and industry sectors that are of particular interest to you.

Apply for a Faculty and Community provisional membership

Once you've decided which group you'd like to join, email your student number, full name, organisation's name, email address, expected qualification date and

Faculty membership

Our faculties are specialist bodies that offer members networking opportunities, influence and recognition within clearly defined areas of technical expertise.

As well as providing accurate and timely technical analysis, they lead the way in many professional and wider business issues through stimulating debate, shaping policy and encouraging good practice.

Their value is endorsed by over 40,000 members who currently belong to one or more of the seven faculties currently offering a subscription service:

How to register for the complimentary electronic newsletters

As a student studying for the ACA you can register to receive complimentary newsletters from any of the faculties via email free of charge.

To register for this service please email your student number, full name and the faculty of your choice to facultystudents@icaew.com.

Articles from the faculties

A bluffers guide to bitcoin

Read this beginner’s guide bitcoins and find out everything you need to know about the world’s leading cryptocurrency. Provided to you by the Financial Reporting Faculty.

How do relationships affect independence for Audit and Assurance engagements

The Audit and Assurance faculty have provided this article to help you understand the independence and objectivity requirements. Dont forget the ICAEW has a dedicated confidential ethics helpline.

Clubbing together

Read the report on the first 2014 meeting of the London Tax Club, provided especially to you by the Tax Faculty. Plus, find out what the Nottingham Younger Member’s Tax Club learnt about networking in a dedicated skills session with trainer Angus Farr.

Challenges of accounting estimates

Read the Q&A by John Selwood, provided especially to you by the Audit and Assurance Faculty, on the challenges of accounting estimates and why they need careful consideration.

Big changes to Financial Reporting

Big changes are taking place in UK financial reporting, for accounting periods beginning on or after January 2015 FRS102 becomes effective and replaces the current UK GAAP regime for the majority of large and medium-sized UK entities.

This will not impact on exams based on the 2014 ACA syllabus. The 2015 syllabus has been updated to incorporate FRS 102 (UK GAAP) in the Financial Accounting and Reporting module.

Of course this is of great significance to UK accountancy practices and UK entities, other than listed and small companies. It is therefore important for you to have a good understanding of the new reporting standard - FRS 102 as it is likely to impact upon your work.

The Financial Reporting Faculty produced a special edition focusing on New UK GAAP. We have provided an article by Stephanie Henshaw from this publication which highlights some of the major differences.

Look out for more articles in your ACA Vital eNewsletter from our faculties to help you within the workplace.

John Selwood Q&A

The Audit and Assurance Faculty have shared an article with John Selwood, as he tackles the topic of the useful economic life of goodwill and other intangible assets. 

Community membership

Our communities offer the most up-to-date information, insights, guidance and networking opportunities on a range of industry sectors, professional specialisms and at various stages throughout your career.

Provisional members can subscribe free of charge to these Communities:

Provisional members can also subscribe free of charge to one of our Communities listed below: