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ACA planner 2019

To help guide you through ACA training throughout 2019, here you can download the planner complete with colour coding for different calendar entries, a to do list and useful links.

Download the planner

How to use the ACA planner

  • Study Days: Record the days you plan to study, either with a tuition provider or self-study. The planner will help keep your study days on track.
  • Create a Revision Timetable: Add your revision plan to the planner, ensuring you pick the days and times when you work best, remember to add in scheduled breaks.
  • Exams: The exam dates are highlighted and colour coded to help keep you organised and on track. Make sure you add in where you book your exams in 2019. Head over to icaew.com/examresources for past exams, mark plans, tutor and examiner-written articles and support and guidance.
  • Online Training File: It's essential that you keep your training file up to date; you can access it 24/7 using a tablet, laptop or desktop computer at icaew.com/trainingfileAdd updates to the planner to log your ACA training progress.
  • Six-Monthly Reviews: It's your responsibility to organise your sic-monthly reviews with your QPRT, counsellor or principal. Use the planner to record your review dates.
  • Relax and Keep active: Its important to take breaks while studying. Make sure to schedule in breaks, a 10-minute meditation session may help calm your nerves and keep you focused or register for events with your local student society at icaew.com/studentgroups.

Unlock your support and benefits

  • We are here to support you throughout your ACA training.

Look after yourself! - CABA, Support for ACA students

  • CABA provides lifelong support to ACA students in the UK and Across the globe - whether they're in training, in practice or business, have left the profession or retired. It can be tough juggling your studies with work, planning for the future and finding time to unwind. CABA is here to support ACA students for free and in the strictest confidence and can be accessed online, on the telephone  or face to face.
  • Counselling and Emotional Support: Our trained counsellors can help you whether you're dealing with the stress of exams, relationship issues, unemployment, feeling isolated, bereavement, anxiety or depression.
  • Personal and Professional Development Courses: Take a CABA personal development course online or face to face to learn how to build resilience, develop your personal brand or better understand mental health.
  • Career Coaching: Work with a career coach to develop your own individual career plan and help you to develop the personal skills and confidence you need to succeed.
  • Debt Advice: If problem debt concerns you, we can help you explore your options and come up with a plan to take the pressure off.

Call CABA +44 (0)1788 556 366, emails enquiries@caba.org.uk or talk to us 24 hours a day caba.org.uk/letstalk.