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Technical Strategy Committees

ICAEW maintains a number of Boards and committees to guide our work interacting with regulators, standard setters and legislators. This page provides information about the Boards and Committees that support our technical work.

Members volunteer their time to serve on these bodies and they play a key role in ensuring that we sustain a strong reputation and influence with those who set the standards and law that shapes our members’ work.

Chartered Accountants’ work is shaped by regulation, standards and law. As a professional body working in the public interest ICAEW helps legislators and standard setters to assess the proportionate impact of their proposals on businesses and the economy. This technical work is a core activity for ICAEW and to help us to do it we have significant support from many members who volunteer their time to serve on our technical boards and committees as well as supporting our work in other ways.

The experience and expertise that members bring helps us provide informed comment to standard setters, regulators and government to enable them to develop standards and legislation that is fit for purpose. It also enables us to provide insight into a wide range of topics and policy areas affecting the profession, from public finances and responsible capitalism to social mobility and international leadership.

Find out more about the support we receive from our members for our technical strategy activities.

Technical Strategy Committees

There are seven faculties each with main boards and sub committees