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Chaggar, Jagdeep

J S Chaggar ACA (Jagdeep)

Jagdeep Chaggar
  • Admitted to ICAEW: 2012
  • Elected to Council: 2019
  • Region: London


Jagdeep is a chartered accountant and experienced auditor helping those charged with governance and oversight understand the risks in their organisation and how to manage them. With experience across the professional services and banking industry, he has expertise in:

  • Audit (internal and external)
  • Accounting practices and requirements (IFRS, US GAAP, UK GAAP and Companies Act 2006)
  • Internal controls and risk management
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Professional conduct, culture and governance

He has applied this knowledge to support a range of global conglomerates and small business enterprises such as Sony, Telefonica, GiffGaff, DHL, Barclays and the Open Data Institute.

Away from the office, Jagdeep dedicates his time to volunteering, family, music and professional learning. Outside of his ICAEW Council duties, Jagdeep is a trustee member for the Road Safety Trust, helping steer the charity towards maintaining robust financial control and navigating the complexities of Compliance risk.

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