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ICAEW Council elections 2019

ICAEW members in the Europe & Eurasia, Liverpool, London, Thames Valley and West of England constituencies have an opportunity to select their council representatives for 2019-2023. Voting closes on 25 February 2019 (12:00 noon GMT).

GovernmentCouncil is the ultimate governing body for ICAEW, responsible for approving high-level strategy and ensuring ICAEW meets its obligations as stated in our Royal Charter.

The current 90+ members of Council come from all walks of accountancy and a majority are elected from our membership. Elected, co-opted and ex-officio appointees work together to ensure that Council reflects the diversity and voice of ICAEW membership. All members of Council are ambassadors for ICAEW, networking with peers and lending their voice to help influence and develop the profession.

Nominations for elections in 21 constituencies opened in November 2018. Candidates in 16 constituencies were elected unopposed, but in the five constituencies of Europe & Eurasia, Liverpool, London, Thames Valley and West of England more nominations were received than there were vacancies and therefore a ballot is being held in these constituencies. With current incumbents and new candidates standing for election, and with the introduction of an enhanced candidate statement providing information about each candidate and what they hope to bring to the role, this is an exciting opportunity for members to vote for their preferred representative from 2019-2023.

Also for the first time, ICAEW Council elections are being held by Single Transferable Vote (STV). This means voters have an opportunity to vote for as many or as few members as they wish, in an order of preference. STV is arguably a more representative and inclusive voting system that gives voters greater choice in choosing their representatives. It ensures that candidates with the broadest appeal, even if not the first choice for many constituents, are more likely to win a seat. These changes approved by ICAEW Council in 2018, aim to empower and engage our members in ICAEW governance.

Vote electronically

You have until the 25th February (12:00 noon, GMT) to cast your vote.

Vote now
Voting opened on 5th February 2019 and will close on 25 February 2019 (12 noon GMT). It is being conducted by Electoral Reform Services on behalf of ICAEW. Members in the above constituencies will have received their ballot papers by post or email. In case of non-receipt or in the event of difficulties casting your vote, please contact chiefexecutivesoffice@icaew.com.

If you are a member in an election constituency, please act now. Cast your vote, get involved, join the conversation at #icaewCouncilElections