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ICAEW Bursary recipients: case studies

Read about previous ICAEW Bursary recipients.

Ali Afzal


Ali was awarded the ICAEW Foundation Bursary supported by PwC for his studies at Leeds Business School, Leeds University in 2012. Receiving the bursary has helped raise Ali’s profile and has opened up several opportunities for him. He secured a place on PwC’s Talent Academy, a summer event which took place over three days and can fast track a student to a placement ahead of other students. The financial security offered by the bursary also allowed Ali to travel, something he would not have otherwise been able to do. 

Ali has accepted a placement at Ernst & Young’s London office for the final year of his course.

Sayeed Ahmed


Securing a bursary from the ICAEW Foundation Bursary Programme in 2012 has provided Sayeed with financial support and peace of mind throughout his studies at CASS Business School. 

The Bursary also acts as an incentive, ensuring he performs consistently well throughout his degree. Sayeed sets himself minimum academic requirements each year in order receive continuous support throughout his three-year undergraduate degree programme.

Will Morris


Will was awarded the ICAEW Foundation Bursary supported by PwC in his first year at Cardiff University in 2012. He has now completed two years at university and is finding himself in a much safer financial position due to the bursary he receives. Receiving the bursary has given Will financial peace of mind which has allowed him to participate fully in university life.

The bursary has also helped Will secure a one week work experience with PwC, and a five week work experience with Sanne Group in Jersey through the summer of 2013.

Giedre Balciute

Giedre Balciute, BSc Finance Accounting and Management student at Nottingham University received the University’s prize for best performance on the first year of the programme.

‘Being chosen by ICAEW Foundation gave me an incentive to work hard and try my best to not let my bursary givers down. Consequently, I set myself high academic goals and worked towards them. The ICAEW Foundation bursary has helped me a lot in my first year. It allowed me to support my studies without having to take on a part time job and to concentrate on my study as well as participate fully in university life’  

Rubab Riaz


Rubab has completed the second year of her BA (Econ) Accounting and Finance course at Manchester Business School. Receiving the ICAEW Foundation bursary, supported by PwC has been a huge help; it has allowed Rubab to support her studies without having to take on a part time job and to concentrate on her studies and excel in what she’s doing without any financial strains.

Rubab was given the opportunity to participate in the PwC Talent Academy, which was a very helpful experience for her first year and for opportunities in the future. The bursary has opened a lot of doors; prospects of internships and other connections which would not have been possible otherwise.

Shahryor Chowdhury


Shahryor Chowdhury was awarded the ICAEW bursary to study Accounting & Finance at Cass Business School, City University London starting in September 2014.

Having worked in the retail sector and done voluntary work for charity, Shahryor wanted to do a degree to gain professional development. A few months in he considers the course is giving him the opportunity to improve his communication, leadership and team working skills. As well as meeting new people he sees a lot of doors opening to new opportunities.

The ICAEW bursary helped make the decision to go to university much easier for Shahryor. He is able to concentrate more on his degree and less on having to work extensively part-time to make ends meet.  He feels that without the financial strain impacting on him and his family that he will have better peace of mind and hopefully can achieve the best grades possible. 

ICAEW Foundation Hong Kong

Lee Shing Hei

Lee Shing Hei was awarded the ICAEW Foundation bursary in 2012 to study Professional Accountancy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 

During his first summer holiday at university Lee Shing Hei participated in various activities and sports, and has made new friends. He also took on a 6-week internship at the Hong Kong Dragon Airlines. This was an invaluable experience which helped Lee Shing Hei determine his career objective.

Securing the bursary has allowed Lee Shing Hei to experience a more diverse and meaningful university life and has given him the opportunity to broaden his horizons.

Li Fu Wai Winson

Li Fu Wai was awarded the ICAEW Foundation bursary in 2012 to study Professional Accountancy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Li Fu Wai has been involved in many activities and was elected as chairperson to organise a yearly event at the university which had a huge attendance. He is also involved in various student societies which have given him insight into how the university works from an administration level. Li Fu Wai’s contribution has led to him being chosen as one of the exchange students with Beijing University, an experience he is very much looking forward to as it will help determine the options for his future career path in the professional accounting industry.

Securing the bursary has allowed Li Fu Wai to spend more time on university activities to broaden his horizons, without any financial worries.