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Public Finances in Europe – ICAEW reports and materials

The global financial and economic crisis is bringing about profound changes in international, financial and government institutions. In Europe, the crisis has also drawn particular attention to the poor quality of financial management, reporting and governance in the public sector, highlighting the need for greater action to address these interconnected shortcomings.

Reports and other materials

Global Financial Stability and Public Debt

December 2017

Sustainable Public Finances: Intergenerational Fairness

May 2017

Public Finances in Practice – Insights from senior European public finance professionals 

February 2017 

Better government finances: the role of information design

November 2016

Sustainable Public Finances - EU Perspectives: 7 Key Insights

November 2016, Brussels

The value of audit insights

February 2016, Brussels

How can governments achieve more with less?

May 2015, Brussels

Trust in public finances

December 2014

Government Accountability and Reporting: Citizens’ Attitudes and Financial Markets Scrutiny

9 December 2014, Brussels

Ten key insights

24 June 2014, Brussels

Democratic accountability and fiscal sustainability

13 November 2013, Brussels

Views from international organisations

24 September 2013, Brussels

Regional and central government perspectives

23 April 2013, Brussels

Public sector finances – challenges ahead

22 January 2013, Brussels

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