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Help a local charity

There’s an opportunity for local charities in the Portsmouth area and nearby parts of Hampshire to gain some free help with their accountancy.

First of all, ICAEW Southern committee member Louisa Burton needs as many contacts as she can get. That’s where you might be able to help: by putting her in touch with any charity contacts you may have.

Louisa, who is a teaching fellow at the University of Portsmouth, is starting a new accounting in the community initiative whereby supervised accountancy students will carry out independent examinations, reviews of internal controls and offer any other accounting help they can to local charities. The aim is to become more involved in the local community, while giving students some practical, supervised work experience.

The initiative is being launched with a free training day on 27 March aimed at demystifying accounting for non-accounting trustees and improving everyone’s confidence in getting involved in financial discussions. For details click here.